Dru-B-Q Drum Smokers

"The Competitor" Dru-B-Q drum smoker is undoubtable the best in providing superior performance, taste, fuel efficiency, all while being extremely easy to use and cooking in fraction of the time. "The Competitor" Dru-B-Q drum smoker is available in multiple of colours. with the ability to be customized to your liking (fees apply) 'The Competitor" Dru-B-Q drum smoker is packed full of features making it the choice of the Aussie Pitmaster.
Fully welded body. Long intakes for unrivaled temperature control. 4 ball bearing wheels for the smoothest glide. Stainless steel lid hinge for easy access. Drop handle with cool touch spring. Large calibratable 4inch thermometer for easy viewing across the yard. Huge capacity fire basket, capable of burning for over 20hrs with out refueling. Internal heat shield to reduce temp spikes. 1 Heavy duty stainless steel cooking grill 1 Medium duty stainless steel cooking grill. 3 tier cooking levels.